The Sir Hubert von Herkomer Arts Foundation is a registered charity inspiring a generation of young people by offering them a gateway to the arts. By funding after and out of school classes in primary and secondary state schools in England, the Foundation provides children with the inspiration and tools to develop lifelong artistic passions.

We are temporarily based at LSoM at Ludlow Basement, Lismore Circus, Gospel Oak , NW5 4SF  sharing a space in the artists studios , whilst we are here we can continue to continue our work with our young people but classes are limited to spaces but we are still able to support young people in the arts whilst fundraising for our new gallery space to open up more spaces for more young people.


We are pleased to be able to offer the following courses FREE and continue to support our young people in Camden. We must ensure that we follow up on our courses by giving our young people access to the arts projects that we deliver to encourage and inspire our future generation!

Please take note of age groups according to course/workshops as this is important when enrolling your child/young person. Our courses/workshops are designed to inspire individuals who want to learn the incredibly exciting courses that we offer and therefore we design them accordingly!

To enrol please download an Enrolment Form or email to request a form to be sent out.


After School CoursesJanuary - March 2019

Our courses are all free of charge.

PHOTOGRAPHY/MEDIA Project at Kentish Town City Farm
Tutor: Debbi Clark

MONDAY 14th /21st/ 28th/ JAN / 11th/25/ FEB (3.30pm to 5.30pm)

Ages 8 to 14yr

We are working together on a photography project at Kentish Town City Farm with our young people learning the art of photography using our creative ideas in Seasonal Change, Animal portraiture, Wildlife, Planting, Vegetation and People in focus! We are very fortunate to have access to Kentish Town City Farm with the added value of expertise with fabulous Chris teaching us about the welfare and upkeep of the farm. This is an exciting course as all our photography and learnings and final images will be submitted to Kentish Town City Farm for publication on the website. All students that images are used on the website will get photo credit by their image and will be awarded a £10 CASS ART voucher and a day out to the National Portrait Gallery and Pizza!
MOSAICS and forum (creating ideas and works of art in Mosaic at LSoM

THURSDAY 17th/24th/31st JAN and 7th/14th /21st 28th FEB

Ages 5yrs to 12yrs

We are delighted to present a mosaic design art course and forum within the Queens Crescent area in partnership with LSoM by inspiring our young people with the art of mosaic and discussing together what we feel is needed to regenerate the exciting project happening in Queens Crescent.

(Please note this course is limited to places as we already have students attending with LSoM, so we are offering 6 places to our students at Sir Hubert von Herkomer Arts Foundation in this very exciting partnership).
FASHION / TEXTILES & Fashion Design Course Using recycled clothes/fabrics

FRIDAY 17th /31st JAN and 8th/15th FEB and 1st/8th/15th/22nd/ MAR (4pm to 6pm)

Ages 9yrs to 13yrs

We will be working on creating ideas using texture, shadows, shapes in pattern, drawing, textiles using these ideas to design their own ideas alongside creating and making jewellery to make their own fashion label / and jewellery. We will use these ideas and techniques together learning from start to finish how the art of fashion works. We will learn how to recycle our own clothes and turn create fabulous designs out of our old fabrics, as well as teaching how versatile denim can be … This course will teach pattern cutting, textiles and design. Learning how to sew on a sewing machine and showing tricks of altering clothes by hand sewing.

To enrol please download an Enrolment Form or email 


24th January, 2019

Private View at Alon Zakaim Fine Art Gallery showing the young people’s work who have been working with us at Sir Hubert von Herkomer Arts Foundation over the past year.

We have discovered much talent in our students and their work will be on display for this very exciting evening, where all the students whose work we will be exhibiting will be invited to meet our Patron: Helen McCrory and join us for cake and drinks and take a look at the incredible work our young people have produced over the last year… Invite only!

Weekend WorkshopsJanuary - March 2019

Our courses are all free of charge.

Tutor: Debbi Clark

12th/ 13th JANUARY 2019 – 12pm to 4pm

All students who have worked on projects with us this year

Working with students who have been creating their fantastic works. This course will be a weekend working together and curating the young people’s exhibition. PRE- Production is a skill that will help young people focus, learn the art of curating a show, preparing their work, framing and presenting their final piece which will be a valuable skill for their future. It is all about how we present our work and show it with pride. We will be working this weekend with students who have already been part of our ART Foundation courses in choosing and preparing their work for Sir Hubert von Herkomer Arts Foundation ‘NEXT GENERATION’ Exhibition!
MUSIC and DANCE Weekend Workshop

2nd /3rd FEB 2019 (11am to 4pm)

Ages 8yrs to 14yrs.

We are very excited to be running another Music workshop at Sensible Music Studios in Agar Grove, Camden where we have access to the most amazing recording studios, music and dance rehearsal rooms. We will be teaching the young people the art of song writing, supporting them with voice coaching alongside learning a dance performance for their song which we will be using the OLYMPUS cameras with students who would like to learn how to use the art of documentary photography telling the story of how the students feel about this very exciting course over this week-end.

Photographer: Debbi Clark
Project Director: Jacob Landau
Choreography: Callie Rumley
Music Producer: Greg Smart
Tutor: Louise from Graffik Gallery

9th February (12pm to 4pm)

Ages 10yrs to 16yrs

Our brilliant artist /tutor Louise is back with us on teaching the art of Graffiti, the tricks of shadows, the concept of this art is more than just A spray can! All students will create their own canvas by the end of the day!
Tutor: Second Floor Artists

16th February (12pm to 4pm)

Ages 5yrs to 10yrs

We are extremely fortunate to have made an art partnership and now have access to over 150 extremely talented young artists coming from top colleges such as St Martins College, Goldsmith, Blakes, Kensington Art College, Chelsea Art College. These young gifted artists are volunteering their time and expertise and coming in to teach our young people that we currently support, and we will be creating an interesting workshop this day using clay and drying in the ovens at LSoM. We will be glazing and painting our finished creations ready to show at our end of term exhibition and then take home! Our project in clay will be based introducing the design and mould of clay, working into a theme using the idea of animation capturing the children’s imagination and creativity.
Tutor: Poppy Blakiston

23rd February (12pm to 4pm)

Ages 8yrs to 12yrs

Again ...we will be working alongside an established young artist who has the gift and skills of teaching young people the art of oils onto canvas. We are fortunate to have been sponsored by CASS ART from our Pop- Up Gallery which has enabled us to have the resources to run this very exciting workshop! We aim to teach the young people the gift of how to use oils and create an exciting piece involving craft, content and context. Distinguishing skill and style form other kinds of human making Second art involves content ‘the story’ a work expresses or participates in by means of paint, melody, structure, movement and we need to understand how art involves context. Recognizing the context of art—both of its origin and reception—also requires us to realize the multivalent and open-ended character of art interpretation.
Tutor: Sam Green

2nd March 2019 (11am to 3pm)

Ages 8yrs to 16yrs

We continue our journey with the prolific comic book illustrator Sam Green teaching us the art of drawing superhero comic book illustration, create your own superhero with your own powers or produce your very own Marvel DC Superhero comic book working in a group and using our ideas to collaborate and create a masterpiece.
The Art of the Cheerleader
Tutor: Caitlin Louise

9th March 2019 (11am to 1pm)

Ages 9yrs to 12yrs

Ever wanted to be a cheerleader? Join National-winning cheerleaders at this exciting beginner session and learn a mini-routine filled with stunts and tumbles! Come and discover why girls and guys around the World love this art that’s all about friendship and fun. Everyone of all abilities is welcome. *Please dress comfortably in your dance rehearsal kits and clean trainers.
DANCE TO FAME’ incorporating ballet with street dance
Tutor: Calista Rumley

16th March (12pm to 4pm)

Ages 8 yrs. to 12yrs

We are working with Calista Rumley as part of our team teaching our young people the art of dance and choreography. Calista was a ballerina at the San Francisco Ballet and is now residing and teaching in London supporting our students in the art of dance at Sir Hubert von Herkomer Arts Foundation.

23rd March 2019 (10am to 3pm)

Ages 10yrs to 16yrs

WE will be learning the art of street photography alongside one of OLYMPUS renowned photographer Jay McClaughlin. - Capturing ordinary, everyday life in public spaces or life as it happens is known as street photography. A street photographer should not just look at the popular tourist spots, but he or she should try out some real – life scenes coupled with some behind the scene images. They must be observant about every little aspect around. As soon as they see a story unfold, they should not hesitate to capture the moment.
Tutor: Second Floor Artists

24th March 2019 (11am to 3pm)

Ages 5yrs to 8yrs

Create and design your very own Sir HvH branded T-shirt, bag or Hoodie. Learn the art of creating stencils, spacing, fabric painting and screen printing. Go home with a super design on your very own t-shirt or gym bag. Learning the negative /positive of designing your stencils and how they work in printing. This is really inspiring course for those who love design and textiles. We will be going to a screen print studio to learn this artform and process.

To enrol please download an Enrolment Form or email 


18th February to 3rd February (11am to 4pm)
Ages 10 yrs. to 16yrs

Learning the art of documentary film making. We will be filming our own documentary with a view to going to send our final film documentary out to film festivals and broadcast on television.

We are being supported by and working with the following people with this very exciting opportunity to create a very explorative and honest documentary about our youth and their future in London, concentrating on our young people in the area of Camden and their thoughts on Queens Crescent, Gospel Oak and Kentish Town West Regeneration Projects. The society and culture we now live in and how we can improve upon their well- being and safety by continuing to support and inspire the young people of our future generation.

We will be teaching young people lifelong skills that will generate skills they will be able to use for their future.

This film doc will teach all aspects within the film and media genre including Production, Filming, Directing, Lighting, Narrating, DOP, Presenting, In-Situ, Interview techniques, Editing, Photography, Storyboarding, Writing and Media Platforms in television, film, Film Festivals and social media platforms.

Film and Photographer: RANKIN
Photographer: DEBBI CLARK
Film Doc Director: MARK ALDEN
Film Editors: SAM and NICK

We are very fortunate to be able to have raised an impressive amount of donations for this Film Art Project that we received from all our loyal Donors, Ambassadors and Patron,  to be able  to offer this incredible life changing experience, a vast array of skills in the art of film making  to our young people we support in at Sir Hubert von Herkomer Arts Foundation.

FILMING COMMENCES ON 18th FEBRUARY 2019 for half term week, with a view to added workshops for further teaching in the skills of Post Production.

‘We thank you all for your invaluable and continued support in our art projects with our young people at Sir Hubert von Herkomer Arts Foundation’             

Registered Charity Sir Hubert von Herkomer Arts Foundation  Charity No: 1149607


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